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Hi mate, David here!

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And yes, I am real, actual person you can talk to on Fiverr in case you want to fact check.

The point is, I have learned what kind of articles that works and what most people want to read from over 600 different clients I have.

English native speaker who physically live in the United States might charge you hundreds of dollars for a single article. They often demand “tip” money.

Luckily, I moved to Indonesia back in 2018, purely becoming digital nomad so I can charge people more affordable price for my writing services.

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Disabling Distraction PLR

Module 1 – 10 High-Quality PLR Articles that makes you money

niche name is one of the HOT niche right now. There is no way you can let this opportunity pass by. You can either sit there, do nothing, and let your competitors get this before you or be the one that take action faster. Here are the titles I have prepared inside

Here are The Titles and Products Reviewed Inside

Module 2 – Grammarly Premium and Copyscape Checks

Over the past 15 years, these kind of features never been included in ANY PLR offers. I want to revolutionize the industry by including these.

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Module 3 – Hot Topics and Keyword Recommendation

Do you know why most PLR content doesn’t work? because most PLR sellers usually Re-write mainstream, saturated PLR topics, sell it for the sake of profit by persuading you with their good looking landing page.

This is not the content that people after online. Instead, people are looking for articles that are full of details, helpful, honesty, and if possible, the one that tells a story. The content I have here is exactly what people want to read online and shop for recommendation.

Module 4 – Editable Images for Post Thumbnail

According to research, posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. You will also get an thumbnail post image from me, but you know.. I am better than that.

So I make it even better.

The images you are going to receive is 100% unique, custom-made, and copyright free. Plus, you can modify it as you like using Canva free account.

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Module 5 – Affiliate Program Recommendation and Placeholders

I care so much about how you can make money from my PLR content.

Therefore, let me hold your hand tight and show you which affiliate program available for …. niche, where to register, and what products you can recommend for your audience.

I even include affiliate link placeholder location so you know exactly where to put it best.

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This is the eBook I made myself, I didn’t sell it online or give it away for free to people (personal use license). It shows you how you can get most out of my PLR content so you get the highest profit possible.

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